Executive Board Biographies

Julianna Carreras - President

I'm a junior majoring in mechanical engineering and I've been on CWRUbotix for about 4 years on the MATE ROV mechanical team. I am also the mechanical lead for our MATE ROV team this year and I previously served as secretary for 1.5 years and vice president for a year. Aside from robotics, I'm very passionate about efficient and renewable energy-mainly windmills.

Michael Carlstrom - Vice President

I’m a junior studying computer science with a specialization in artificial intelligence. While I am not in the robotics bay, I am found playing card and board games.

Noah Mollerstuen - Secretary

Hi, I'm a sophomore studying computer science and control engineering. In addition to my work as secretary, I serve as team lead of the MATE ROV team. When I'm not building robots, I enjoy playing board games and cross-country skiing.

Abby Morse - Treasurer

Hi! I’m an incoming sophomore, and this will be my second year on the MATE ROV and NRC Micromouse teams. I am studying mechanical engineering, and I also like computer science and physics. My favorite pastimes are Ultimate Frisbee and music. I have played alto saxophone for ten years, and I love listening to jazz, classic rock, and musical theater.

Robin James - Lab and Safety Manager

Hi, I am Robin, a rising junior physics and computer science major. As well as being on the Robotics team for the past 3 years, I also do research in the development of cosmic ray detection.

Liv Gatchall - PR and Outreach Manager

Hello! :) I'm a third-year mechanical engineering student. This year will be my second year on the MATE ROV mechanical team. Outside of robotics, I play guitar and pet a lot of dogs.